We're moving along

This is probably more frustrating for me than for those of you reading this Blog. We had hoped to be ready to make an announcement soon that we would be unveiling our new site shortly. Unfortunately, we have had a couple of things that are not going as quickly as planned. The reality is that good things take time if you want to do it right.

I'll keep you posted.


What's this all about?

I'll be honest. We are a work in progress.  Inzozi is the charitable arm of the Mt. Rainier Coffee Company. The word is a Rwandan word that means "Dreams Realized."  The purpose of Inzozi is make a difference in the lives of people and allow their dreams to be realized. 

The reason we set up this charitable arm for the company is we didn't want to play what we see as a game that is played by some organizations that promise they will contribute a percentage of the net profits to a charity.  Some, not all of these entities, will not be open and honest with how they arrive at net profits.  We believe that every business should make a contribution back to its community. No games.  No accounting double speak. Just making a difference.



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